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Universal Beds

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Eleganza 1

A fully adjustable electric bed. The Eleganza 1 hospital bed is designed for standard hospital wards and long term care units. The bed has a simple construction with a wide range of above-standard features and sophisticated functions delivered at low cost, thus providing customers with great value for money.

Eleganza 2

The Eleganza 2 hospital bed pushes the boundaries of safety standards, quality of workmanship and design. As the first bed of its kind it has become the definition of the truly modern healthcare bed. It is equipped with many sophisticated functions, including smart properties, and is easily accessible to the broad spectrum of healthcare. This healthcare bed is highly practical and stylish and thanks to its properties meets all the requirements of each hospital ward. Eleganza 2 makes demanding day-to-day patient care easier and due to its modern design moves the quality of provided care to a higher level.

Eleganza 3

The eleganza 3 bed has a positive effect on the treatment and recovery of patients and ensures that the work of healthcare staff working in acute units is more effective and easier with the help of the unique functional features.

Image 3

The Image 3 electrically adjustable hospital bed respects growing demands of patients and nursing staff. The design of the bed is timeless and suitable for a broad spectrum of health care and nursing care.

Latera Thema

Positioning to prevent pressure ulcers, making the bed, taking care of the patient’s hygiene and skin care needs, changing incontinence pads, post-operative drains – all of these procedures require turning patients onto their sides. However, doing so manually can be considerably physically demanding and might result in long term injuries for both the patient and the medical staff. Therefore, we have developed Latera Thema – a fully adjustable electric bed with a lateral tilt assisting staff with turning the patient.

Praktika 1 & 2

Praktika 1 and 2 is a universal mechanically operated hospital bed with an attractive modern design and a 4-section mattress platform with either fixed height (Praktika 1) or adjustable height (Praktika 2). Praktika 1 and 2 is a high quality medical bed made by trustworthy European manufacturers with the use of modern technologies.