Fujifilm X-ray Imaging

FCT Speedia

FCT SpeediaA compact CT device with a small burden on patients.

The spacious 75cm bore size of Speedia allows easier access to the patient even when the patient’s arms are raised and the patient cannot lie flat on their back, improving both technologist and patent experience.

FDR Smart XAn X-ray system providing multi-function, high-quality, solutions with various configurations.

FDR Smart X is Fujifilm’s newly developed X-ray system, providing multi-function, high-quality, cost-effective X-ray solutions.

FDR Smart X
FDR Smart f

FDR Smart fAn X-ray system that is easily installed in limited spaces and easy to use.

  • Floor Mounted Tube Stand — lightweight and ergonomically designed.
  • Table — Spectacular load bearing.
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FDR Go PLUSMobile X-ray DR System for the improvement of workflow and image quality with various features.

Fujifilm’s FDR Go PLUS redefines mobile imaging with improved mobility, workflow and Image Quality.

FDR Visionary Suite

FDR Visionary SuiteA flagship X-ray system providing advanced applications for diagnosis.

  • Compatibility with a Broad Range of Cassette DR Panels for Maximum Flexibility
  • Wide Array of applications to support diagnostics

FCR PRIMA TA table-top reader unit with speedy processing and high resolution.

FCR PRIMA T is a table-top reader unit which boasts a high processing speed of 57 IPs / hour. With the optional Upgrade Kit this speed can be increased still further to 67 IPs / hour

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