Fujifilm Endoscopy

7000 System

7000 SystemEndoscope system with diagnosis and usability contains the light source which features high-intensity 4 LED lights.

Multi-Light Technology: This technology enables creation of images suitable for intended purposes through image processing combined with accurate control of intensity ratio between multiple lights. 7000 system employs four types of high-intensity LEDs:

Endoscopic Ultrasonography SystemNext-generation system with high resolution image and endoscopic performance.

  • Product : Ultrasonic Processor
  • GMDN: 40761
  • Generic Name: General ultrasound imaging system, line-powered
Endoscopic Ultrasonography System

EPX-3500HDHigh-definition images and superior functions for advanced endoscopic diagnosis and treatment.

VP-3500HD supports diagnosis with its advanced image processing technologies not incorporated in existing standard-class models. It offers clear images by using superior functions such as structure emphasis, color emphasis, automatic light control and anti-blur.

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