Edan i15 Blood-Gas Analyzer

ABG MachineEdan i15 Blood-Gas Analyzer

The Edan i15 Blood-Gas Analyzer analyzes pH, pCO2, pO2, Na +, K +, Cl, Ca ++, Glu, Lact and Hct. The Analyzer uses a disposable reagent pack with flushing solution, tonometers, and a waste container. You don’t need a gas cylinder. This new design avoids biological risk and environmental contamination

CBC 5 Part MachineEDAN H50 5-Part Hematology Analyzer

Brighten Your Hematology Lighten Your Work. The Edan H60 Series is positioned in low to moderate volume laboratories, committed to lightening your work with an enjoyable experience. Equipped with an integrated, intuitive operation system, it brings a reliable system with clinical values and effective cost control. The Edan H60 Series is tailored to you.

5-part hematology analyzer EDAN H50
EDAN – H30 Hematology Analyzer

CBC MachineEDAN – H30 Fully Auto Hematology Analyzer

The H30 is motivated by cutting-edge technology and a well-established technological framework, and it embraces the latest user-centered design philosophy. This 3-part differential automated hematology analyzer has more stability and lower maintenance costs, making it suitable for those looking for cost-effective, quality-free solutions.

EDAN DS-500iAutomated Hematology Analyzer

The DS-500i can provide rapid and reliable test results from just 10μL of blood. With the concept toward high-efficiency and minimal manual operation, DS-500i is the ideal choice for streamlining daily workflow.

  • Support 27 parameters, RBC and PLT histogram
  • Minimum blood usage
  • Only 10μL blood sampling needed for micro predilution mode
  • User-friendly operation interfaces for working mode switch and sampling methods selections
Automated Hematology Analyzer EDAN DS-500(i)
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