AK 98 Dialysis MachineDesigned to be an optimal platform for chronic dialysis, skilled nursing and hospital care environments.

Its unique features and innovative design help simplify treatment with fewer steps, protect patient safety by helping to potentially reduce programming errors, and minimize disruptions and downtime. All of this “less” adds up to more operational and cost savings for your facility.

As the newest innovation within our HD portfolio, the AK 98 dialysis machine is an important piece of the total support that Baxter, as a partner, brings to advance kidney care. Because you deserve nothing less than everything.

Prismaflex SystemThe Prismaflex System is available in select countries globally, including the United States.

The innovative Prismaflex System is designed to support the recovery of critically ill patients with acute kidney injury (AKI).
The flexible system delivers multiple therapies with a versatile platform that can be customized to specific patient needs.

Prismaflex System
Artis Physio system

Artis Physio
Because Every Patient is Different

Despite many advances in hemodialysis therapy (HD), dialysis-related complications, such as intradialytic hypotension (IDH), dizziness and fatigue are still frequent1 and can impact the effective delivery of prescriptions2. Complications associated with end stage renal disease vary between patients, and require different treatment modalities tailored to individual needs.
The Artis Physio system gives you the ability to adapt therapies to your patients’ needs and take advantage of monitoring functions designed to consistently deliver treatment to clinical targets.

Artis Physio PlusNew Possibilities, Simple Delivery

The Artis Physio Plus multi-therapy system offers a unique combination of efficient HD, effective HDF and innovative HDx therapies, providing you total control over the delivery of personalized hemodialysis treatments. New or improved components and functionalities, such as simplified infusion lines and short Eco Heat disinfection processes, allow the Artis Physio Plus system to enable faster and simpler treatment delivery every time.

Artis Physio Plus multi-therapy system
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