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Patient Monitoring

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Cardiolife TEC-5600

Designed for improving quality of resuscitation, Nihon Kohden’s cardiolife TEC-5600 with 6.5-inch color TFT LCD display is a professional biphasic monitor/defibrillator. It supports basic life support (BLS) and advanced life support (ALS) teams in hospitals and clinics with its intuitive, fast, easy-to-transport, and effective operation – from early detection, to resuscitation, to post-cardiac-arrest management.

Cardiolife TEC-5600 has a compact, lightweight design and delivers the highest performance for resuscitation and emergency teams. To enhance its usability, it has the Smart CableTM System for ECG, SPO2, and CO2 sensors which can be interchanged with cardiolife TEC-8300 series defibrillators and Nihon Kohden’s patient monitors – saving precious time while changing the cables and sensors on the patient.

CSM-1500 series

Nihon Kohden’s Life Scope G5 is designed to provide hospitals with a new platform to support better medical care.

The advanced features of Life Scope G5 enable clinicians to customize the patient monitor for the needs of different care areas throughout the hospital. By reducing false alarms, workload and the time required for diagnosis, the Life Scope G5 supports better outcomes.

Life Scope G5 with advanced Human Machine Interface supports the collection of accurate patient data and integrated data for more sophisticated research.

With Life Scope G5, Nihon Kohden would like to be your partner to realize the future of medical care together.

BSM-6000 series

Smart Cable™ technologyA cost effective solution to modular monitoringSmart Cable technology miniaturizes circuits found in traditional modules and embeds that circuitry into the cable. With Smart Cable technology, you get complete modular flexibility at a significantly reduced cost and without the inconvenience associated with traditional modular systems.Smart Cable technology is available for blood pressure, cardiac output, EtCO2, FiO2, temperature, thermistor respiration monitoring, and Nihon Kohden has just released a Smart Cable for BIS. As new parameters are developed, Nihon Kohden will continue to develop additional Smart Cable modules, guaranteeing your monitoring investment against obsolescence.The basic parameters (3, 6 and 10 lead ECG, respiration, SpO2, NIBP, and dual temperature) use dedicated cables and connectors.


Life Scope G9 provides the right functions and the right information for each site and each specialist.Up to triple screen set up with optional wide 19 or 24-inch touch panel.Life Scope PT BSM-1700 can be used as a transport monitor and an input box for Life Scope G9. With this monitor combination it only takes one action to transport the patient.

Blood pressure together with Life Scope G9’s Target graph based on the Early Goal-Directed Therapy can support therapy based on guidelines for initial resuscitation of severe sepsis and septic shock.