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Astramax HD LED Mobile

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Astramax HD LED Mobile

Why Astramax LED?

HD-LED is a breakthrough technology with vastly better performance than standard definition LED or conventional surgical lights.

Slim, Compact and Powerful

Ultra slim and light-weight lamp head enables smooth, fast and precise positioning during procedures. Astramax HD-LED. is a compact yet powerful surgical light with an impressive 150,000 Lux output comparable with much larger surgical lights.

Long Life

Astramax HD-LED. life of >60,000 hours equates to more than 20 years of normal use.

surgical lights.
Astramax HD-LED

Environmentally Friendly

HD-LED lights use up to 70% less energy than conventional medical lighting. HD-LED lights have the highest lighting performance with the smallest energy consumption.

LEDs are also mercury free, do not contain CFCs, POPs, VOCs, halogens or other harmful chemicals and are ROHS compliant.

Large Illuminated Area

A large illuminated area of 320mm diameter makes it easy to illuminate large areas of tissue to target the light onto the wound.

Shadow Control

By spreading the LEDs across the lighting surface, a much better distribution of light is provided from the lamphead. This enables excellent shadow control to under-light obstructions during procedures.

Large Movement Range

Astramax HD-LED. lamp head is mounted on multimovement arm mechanisms capable of positioning the lamp head within an exceptionally wide envelope of movement. The lamp has 5 rotations to allow easy positioning of the light beam from any angle.

Astramax HD-LED
Astramax HD-LED


Astramax HD-LED. provides exceptional performance at a competitive price with minimal running costs. Using less than 50 watts of power and with >60,000 hours of LED life, Astramax HD-LED. continually saves money on energy and maintenance.

Large Movement Range

The lamp head is sealed to IP54 to protect from ingress of dirt and fluids. The smooth surfaces of the lamp head allow for easy disinfection. The lamp head is manoeuvred using a sterilisable handle.