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Ergometer Ergo r10

Horizontal ergometer that ensures excellent comfort during training, especially for those with back problems.

The control panel is with adjustable inclination. The back is covered in breathable fabric and horizontal and vertical adjustment of the seat is possible.

The induction braking system is independent of the number of revolutions. Flywheel / centrifugal mass of 10 kg. Polar heart rate monitor supplied.

Training computer:
  • LCD display
  • Pulse measurement at rest and fitness rating
  • Integrated Polar compatible pulse receiver (5 KhZ)
  • HIT training
  • Integrated IPN test
  • 5 HRC programs
  • 10 training programs set + 5 free
  • 4 storable users + 1 guest
  • Manual and automatic load adjustment

Relax 600 Med Ergometer

The ergometer of the “Motion” line is an evolved ergometer for rehabilitation. The comfortable sitting position makes this ergometer suitable for particularly long training sessions or for more robust patients.

  • operation independent of the electricity network
  • control unit with multicolor backlit LCD display
  • 8 displayable parameters and graphic representation of the exercise
  • three basic programs: Quick start, Watt and Pulse
  • integrated pulse receiver
  • bio-feedback function on the running exercise, with luminous signal on the display
  • horizontal assisted adjustment

Elite Horizontal ergometer

The horizontal cycle ergometer of the “Elite” line is an advanced rehabilitation cycle ergometer that guarantees maximum performance in the medical field.

The machine is a valid tool for physical rehabilitation in the medical and therapeutic field as well as an exercise test ergometer connected to an ECG machine, set up for autonomous manual / automatic operation and ECG digital control with RS232 interface.

The machine is made with high-tech and high quality materials that allow high performance in total silence and reliability.

It is sold with cardio rate receiver for non-diagnostic use but only for the calculation of the user’s heart rate value if you wear the chest strap and has a multi-function touch screen digital console to view time (hh: mm: ss), distance ( km), time to (km), calories (Kcal), cardio (BpM), watts, RPM and speed (km / h). Supplied with dual heart rate monitoring via hand pulse sensors and chest strap.