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Medical Gas Pipline System

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Medical Gas Distribution System

Medical Gas Distribution System is a central supply system to supply a depressurized medical gas (O2, N2O, N2), medical air, and medical vacuum to each ward of hospital safely and conveniently through a central supply piping from medical gas supply sources installed at machinery room.

In medical equipment, medical gas is always supplied to patients. Its supply stop for a while has an effect on a patient menace of life so that medical gas system always should be not only supplied safely and confirmly without blocking but also kept with a good quality of medical circumstances and as a result medical gas system should be one of the best important hospital equipments.

Generally medical gas equipments consist of supplying equipments, outlets equipments, secondary and general piping method has been mostly used with copper tube “L” type and “K” type.

An evaluation for advanced medical equipment is a little differences as the standard and we know well that medical gas system is also a base among medical equipments for customer satisfaction and to keep good medical quality. Also to embody a medical environment easily and conveniently to hospital staff and patient is to raise hospital property of future value under high quality of medical service.

Medical Gas Manifold System

Gas supply manifold is designed to provide high gas flows while requiring minimal maintenance It is intended for use in applications that require an interrupted flow of gas without fluctuating line pressure. Gas supply manifold is available two kinds of standard model, one is fully automatic change over system, the other is semi-automatic change over system. Each specifically designed for its gas service according to ISO, mhe gas offer : Oxygen, Nitrous oxide, Compressed air, Nitrogen, may be ordered as special items.

  • Max. Flow : 140 Nm3/hr
  • Outlet pressure :
       Oxygen / Nitrous-Oxide / Air : 4.5 ~ 5 Kg/Cm2 Nitrgen:7~ 10 Kg/Cm2
  • Dual Line pressure regulator
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to maintenance and installation
  • Manual device manifold is also available on request.

Liquid Oxygen Gas Manifold System

It’s system that vaporizes cryogenic liquid oxygen gas stored under low temperature situation with allotted pressure, flow to order and supplies vaporized oxygen gas to a requested place. Filling amount of a cylinder adopting insulated high degree vacuum method is 160 liter and the same with 25 gaseous cylinders so that it has merit with safe supply for a long time and don’t need lots of installating area.

Semi auto trow-over / free standing
* Cover : Stainless steel 1.2t
* Frame : square steel pipe 30 x 30
* Panel : aluminium 2t color printed P.P sheet coating
* Max. Flow : 140 Nm3/Hr
* Other :

Medical Gas Alarm System

  • Through entry port of compartmental pressure signal, master alarm module and area alarm module are used together.
  • For each of display and each of sensor module, each of micro process is attached.
  • Board stability improved, as separating board and unit with changing AC220V into DC12V.
  • With adjusting dip switch, display pressure unit is chosen with 4 methods of psi, Kpa, Bar, mmHg
  • Safe output under the minimun noise and 0.25% high precision pressure sensor used.
  • With one of 485 communication circuit to transmit the maximum 1,500m, communicated between 30 pcs of modules.
  • Box : Steel 1.2t baked painting
  • Panel : Aluminium 1.6t hair line finished
  • Buzzer board : Power on LED / Alarm mute & Test button / buzzer
  • Display board : Display FND / SET button / Up, Down button / Low, Normal, Hight LED / Units Display LED
  • Pressure Transmitter : ACCURACY 5% [non-linearity repeatability, hysteresis]

Wall Outlet

It’s general system installed from one outlet to five outlets at wall side of OR, Treatment Room and general ward through safety device to use each gas smoothly supplied from cental supply system of medical gas.
This system have structure that gas flows just to fix adapter in use and gas confirmly closes just to draw out it from outlet.
Also it’s an inpossible to mix different kinds of gases due to different structure of adapters and outlets by kind of gas.
It’s a safe by double safety device, namely, check. Not only it’s a convenient by module method for functional addition and maintenance but also it makes hospital more safe ward atmosphere by a beautiful apprerance.