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FCT Speedia

Find a CT that meets your idea. At the front-line of medical practice the need for faster and more accurate diagnosis is increasing every day. The Speedia is designed to provide the answer.

Its compact size, powerful applications, and optimized workflow provides the solution to multiple routine examinations without compromise. Speedia is your answer to join the next clinical and technology standard.


  • 75cm wide gantry bore with compact foot-print.
  • State of the art Low dose technology integrated as standard
  • Latest technology provides high image quality
  • Intuitive GUI design with 24-inch wide monitor

FDR Smart X

FDR Smart X is Fujifilm’s newly developed X-ray system, providing multi-function, high-quality, cost-effective X-ray solutions.


  • Flexible Solution with System Style Options (Floor / Ceiling)
  • Coherent Solution for X-ray Room with FUJIFILM modalities and image processing

FDR Smart f

Fujifilm’s latest high-quality, cost effective x-ray system. Easily Installed in limited spaces and easy to use, this user friendly system will bring upon a smart workflow for you.


  • Floor Mounted Tube Stand — lightweight and ergonomically designed.
  • Table — Spectacular load bearing.
  • Upright Stand — Variety of Examinations + Manual Tilting Wall Stand is also available (option)
  • High frequency generator and X-ray tube — 3 types of generators (Capacitor, UPS, Line) can be selected to match your necessity. No power supply modicifaion is necessary for Capacitor and UPS type generator.
  • DR system for general radiography — High image quality is maintained combining with Fujifilm’s “Image Intelligence™” technology


Advanced Moblie Imaging. Go Wherever you like, whenever you needA high performance yet flexible and compact digital portable, the FDR GO offers exactly what you need for your moblie exams.


  • A reliable, high performance 32kW mobile system
  • Speed and ease of use with the integrated Console Advance
  • A super-lightweight FPD that is clean, waterproof, and robust
  • New image processing technology “Virtual Grid”


  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Easy and Safe Travel
  • Comfortable Safe Storage