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I. Application:
The sterilizer is a table type in safety and auto-controlled, which is designed for the unit of medical health, pharmacy, science and technology etc. And mostly suitable for sterilizing of surgical, dental and eye instruments, glassware medicine, culture medium and biological dressing, food and other goods.

II. Feature:

1. Stainless steel inner chamber
2. Door safety lock system
3. Indicator lights display the working status
4. Simple stable mechanical control, easy operation
4. Maximum temperature: 134 ℃, suit for 4-6 minutes rapidly sterilizing.
5. With steam inner circulate system and not exhaust steam in room, ensure the dry and clean of the circumstance
6. Protection for over-temperature, over-pressure
7. Prevention of water lack
8. Exhaust the cool air automatically
9. Automatic shut down with beep reminding after sterilization
10. It comes with three stainless steel trays

III. Specifications:



Chamber capacity

(φ250 x 420mm)

Working pressure

0.22 MPa

Maximum working temperature


Sterilizer temp. for selection

105  134

Time range

60 minutes

Chamber temp. uniformity

≤ ±1


1.5kW/AC 220V50HzAC110V 60Hz

Sterilization tray

340×200×30mm ( 3 pieces )

Exterior dimension


Packing dimension


Gross/Net Weight

44/40 Kg

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