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CLASCAN System is digital R/F system available for both general radiography and fluoroscopy use
This CLASCAN equipment is a digital R/F X-ray taking device offering a wide range of functions and features for maximum patient convenience. Also, it is a remote-controlled system that enables the operation to be done from the main and local consoles, thereby enhancing convenience and exposing the operator less to X-ray radiation

1. Fully operational PACS system including all automatic setting of
control unit.
2. Touch Screen Console
3. 6,9,12 inch image intensifier is available
4. Automatic FFD control function
5. APR (Anatomical Programmed Radiography)
6. AEC (Automatic Exposure Control) (Option)
7. ABS (Automatic Brightness Control) (Option)
8. ACS (Auto Collimation System)

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