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LX-32 is high frequency generator (500mA/125KVP/32KW). All purpose radiographic system.
This is an inverter-type high-frequency x-ray device with superior quality image & operational stability. It has APR(Anatomic Programming Radiographic) for best exposure factors and is equipped with Self-Diagnosis program for One Call Service. It is compact and integrated type to minimize installation. Also, Linked Mechanism is introduced between Cassette tray and Tube stand for user convenience. According to hospital’s size, Tube stand(Ceiling, Stand Type ) and table (fixed, 4-Way, 6-Way Type) can be optionally installed.


1. High frequency inverter type generator..
2. It can work with wall power, connect PSU(Power Storage Unit) to
the unit in the case of unstable power supply
3. Self-diagnostic circuitry with error code reporting (Filament error, Rotor
error, overload etc.)
4. Automatic “OFF” function for safety and convenience
5. APR (Anatomical Programmed Radiography)
6. Linked Mechanism, between cassette tray and Tube Stand
7. Low table for disabled patients

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