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REX-R features versatility and high performance which can be applicable to a wide variety of general radiography with remarkable convenience, productivity, and patient comfort.
The impressive convenience for patient and technician will be maximized by using of four-way floating or six-way floating top bucky table and combining with various tube stands from floor-mounted type to ceiling-suspended type.
The efficient and reliable high frequency inverter type generator contributes superior quality image, operational stability, and minimizing radiation dose.
The designs of all components are compact and efficient, which installation even in small space.


1. High frequency inverter type generator..
2. It can work with wall power, connect PSU(Power Storage Unit) to
the unit in the case of unstable power supply
3. Self-diagnostic circuitry with error code reporting (Filament error,
Rotor error, overload etc.
4. APR (Anatomical Programmed Radiography)

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