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Neurotravel Light/Light S is an integrated unit based on USB Headbox on Windows® OS for the acquisition, visualization, recording and review of EEG signals.

Thanks to its USB connection the system can record without batteries or external power supply.

It is particularly suitable for Clinical EEG recording, EEG monitoring in Intensive Care Unit and Operating room exams.

The graphic interface of the system allows an easy and direct control through the mouse or PC keyboard.

Software system allows the recording of monopolar signal as well as traces remontage and refiltering, during acquisition and review.

This station has also advanced performances like reading and automatic reproduction, zoom functions with measurements, event research, photic stimulator management both manual and automatic modes.

Main Characteristics

  • Amplifier from 24 to 40 channels
  • LCD Display (only Neurotravel Light)
  • 10-20 Head-shape label
  • USB connection both Amplifier and Flash stimulator
  • Dedicated connector EBNeuro headcaps
  • Dedicated SpO2 Sensor available