Horizontal Cylindrical Pressure Steam Sterilizers

03 July 2019

WS series horizontal cylindrical pressure steam sterilizers are special designed for hospitals, clinics, scientific research institutes and other organizations to sterilize surgical instruments, surgical dressing, glassware, culture media etc.

The unit can sterilize the articles absolutely in a short time by liberating a great amount of saturated pressure steam. Production design, manufacture and quality testing conform to ISO9001 quality system.


  1. Microcomputer controls sterilization process, you do not need to manually monitor the sterilization process, easy to operate.
  1. The sterilizer body is featured with air-tight double wall chamber. The large capacity round chamber provides enough room for sterilization. The working chamber is made of stainless steel. It is smooth, easy to clean, anti-rust and durable.
  2. Pressure door auto-lock device. When the pressure inside sterilization room is larger than 0.027MPa, the interlocking device enters automatically to prevent the false operation of device.
  3. Prevention of water lack. In case on water lack, the machine will cut of the electrical source and exhaust steam in the chamber automatically and the buzzer sounds continuously. 
  4. Overload and leakage protection. When leakage or over current occurs, the machine will cut off the electrical source automatically.
  5. Protection for over pressure. In case of abnormal pressure rise and the machine will open pressure safety valve automatically to exhaust the steam in the chamber.
  6. Pre-heating by jacket (double chamber design), which can not only to keep the chamber temperature in balance, But also to offer the perfect dry function. And the best sterilization function.
  7. With printer

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