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You are looking for a Coat Apron which is comfortable for working, light but also offers highest protection against x-ray beams?

Then our coat apron is the right solution for you: In conversation with our customer and examinations we have worked out the optimised style which is comfortable in wearing but also offers the best protections against x-ray scatters.

The soft taffa with Polyurethane coating inside and a silicone or fluorocarbon impregnation outside give the best feeling for wearing and also easy to clean.

Lead Equivalent Front: 0,35 mm Pb oder 0,50 mm Pb, Backside immer 0,25mm Pb Material: Metallic-Lead, Tissue taffeta with polyurethane coating and silicone or fluorocarbon Impregnation. Sizes: Length: 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm Width at the hip: 50cm, 60cm 70cm oder 75cm Closures: fastening systems polyamid compositions coated with Neopren, snap lock or changeable tie strap.