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A surgical light at the cutting-edge technology
Based on an advanced LED technology, EPURE surgical light meets the highest professional requirements.The EPURE is a concentrate of design and innovation with an excellent value for money, making innovation accessible to all. This surgical light proposes the patented technologies FOCUSMATIC and MOTION-MATIC which allows the adjustement of parameters of the light without any contact.

A design that makes users’ everyday life easier
The EPURE cupola has been specially designed with a smooth and flat surface without any visible screw. Cleaning and disinfection are facilitated and simplified.
- A gripping groove surrounds the cupola to ensure better handling by the staff.
- The EPURE is made of an aluminum structure covered with an innovative polyester specifically designed to meet the constraints of the operating room :
- Resistance to disinfection products
- Excellent shock absorption
- No yellowing over time
- Fire and heat resistance (5VA index)