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Evaqua™ Breathing Circuits

EVAQUA technology allows water vapor to diffuse out through the expiratory limb wall before it has an opportunity to condense into liquid water within the circuit limb or the ventilator. The result is an easy-to-use system which is designed so that the breathing circuit can remain closed and free of clinician intervention. This, in turn, benefits both the patient and the clinician.

  • Promotes a closed system
  • Minimizes condensate-related ventilator alarms
  • Filters remain dry
  • The entire system keeps a low resistance to flow
  • Work of breathing is minimized
  • Circuit maintenance time is reduced

Adult Noninvasive Circuits -- Adult Noninvasive specific ventilation

  • Single-limb heated circuit
  • Low resistance to flow
  • Accurate pressure delivery
  • Designed to work with noninvasive specific ventilators

RT219 Circuit performance, low resistance to flow allows IPAP and EPAP levels to be reached accurately as per ventilator settings.

Product Code: RT219

Bubble CPAP System

- First complete system available in an All-in-One pack
- Includes the Bubble CPAP generator, heated breathing circuits, humidification chamber and pressure manifold
- Additional Starter Kit models include the F&P Infant Interface which consists of the F&P FlexiTrunk™ interface, infant bonnet and nasal prong (nasal masks available separately).

Inspiratory/Expiratory Breathing Circuit Filters

- 99.99% filtration efficiency with viruses and bacteria
- Designed specifically for use with humidified systems
- Standard ISO 22mm M/F connections

Optiflow™ Junior Breathing Circuit

  • Improved design with a significant reduction in condensate
  • Flexibility of care with extended length of tubing (5’9”/1.75m)
  • Includes pressure relief valve with oxygen-analyzing and pressure-monitoring ports
  • Includes MR290 auto-fill humidification chamber
  • For use with F&P MR850 humidifier
  • Available in selected markets only


RT-series High Performance Breathing Circuits

  • Spiral wire technology improves condensate control in varying environments
  • Consistent compliance and low resistance minimize work of breathing
  • Probe latching designed to ensure correct orientation of probe for effective feedback
  • Circuit supplied preassembled
  • Lightweight and flexible